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Welcome to Philly, we took your hat Florian, f you, check ebay

August 9, 2009

Silva Pound For Pound

August 9, 2009

“things like that don’t happen in mma. That was the first time ever! Things like that happen in boxing, because all you have to worry aboout is hands. Omg” -Steve

That was on his heels people. Silva stepping backwards in slow motion looks fast.

Pelligrino Neer

August 9, 2009

Neer teaches us “eye gouges are not eye gouges if they are elbows from the bottom.” -Steve

Pelligrino shows us top control even with no sub attempts wins a fight. This system is flawed.

No Fedor News Here…

August 7, 2009

No sir.  None at all.  But if you happened to listen to our new podcast, episode 6 you might here a thing or two about the last emperor.  As always we are your source for misinformed hype.  Enjoy

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Ufc 94, Silva go night night

February 1, 2009

That is what I am talking about. Machida all day. I will not loose. Machida: “I will be here all day , I don’t need a title shot, I will be here all day.”. The ufc is a joke. I transcend events, I am eternal. Karate 4 ever.