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Top 10 Game Changers of UFC 105

November 13, 2009

#10 Matt Riddle will be funny but annoying and maybe make the main card.

#9 Aaron Riley suffers a pressure break of his jaw being hugged by Ross Pearson and still takes the fight.

#8 Roli Delegado awarded the “Least likely to return fight in the UFC next year” award.

#7 The crowd gets so drunk it starts chanting U S A, U S A during the Couture fight.

#6 The crowd cheers U S A, U S A just to spite Vera.

#5 Mike Swick takes his “Runner Up” trophy back to his dressing room to find out it is infected with swine flu.

#4 Dana White takes away Swicks runner up trophy and replaces it with a “Participant” ribbon.

#3 Denis Kang is submitted by a training partner before the fight and sleeps through the main card.

#2 Randy Couture wins the Joe Rogen’s “My Hero” award for the 63rd straight time.

#1 Michael “the Count” Bisping has to change his nickname to “The Spotted Dick” due to Dennis Kang induced bruising.


Top 10 Shogun Consolidation Prizes Since He is Not Getting a Rematch

November 2, 2009

#10 A six figure contract and a glass TUF trophy from a future season.

#9 The same eye surgery Wandi got, performed by a ring girl of his choosing.

#8 A signed autograph from Rampages next big film “Heat 2”.

#7 A chance to pick an opponent for the lackluster 108 card.

#6 A thank you card from Anthony Johnson for distracting everybody from his weight cutting fiasco.

#5 An angry letter from Yoshida who is still confused about what happened Saturday night.

#4 He gets to be the first one to sign Machida’s leg casts.

# 3 A lifetime supply of Lyoto flavored Bony Acai.

#2 All the left over pride belts.

#1 A rematch with Mark Coleman.

UFC 104 Fight Picks, We Breakdown All!

October 22, 2009

Our own countdown to UFC 104, we talk only UFC and keep it on point.  Steve and Tony go on location in Columbus Ohio, where it all began.  Chip joins us from the frozen north. Fight picks and in depth analysis abound, TAKE A LISTEN!
Lyoto Machida (15-0)* vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (18-3)
Cain Velasquez (6-0) vs. Ben Rothwell (30-6)
Josh Neer (25-8-1) vs. Gleison Tibau (17-7)
Joe Stevenson (30-10) vs. Spencer Fisher (23-4)
Anthony Johnson (7-2) vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (11-3)

Undisputed Credits Easter Egg

June 17, 2009

I noticed a funny thing looking at the credits of UFC Undisputed; not so secret interviews! I had to find something to do besides play Chip since I realized my record against him was 69-14-0. Yeah, I suck. There are interviews with Buffer, Goldman, Franklin and of course Joe Rogan who gets very “inside the actors studio” as you can see from the pic. Now, THQ, where is my dlc?!?!

Heads up for a new episode of the show, should be posted Wednesday.

More Undisputed pics

May 22, 2009

Mostly pics of Chip beatig me down. Coleman eating knee KO, full mount fun, and Houston Alexander looking like a mangled T-rex.

UFC Undisputed Release Day Throwdown

May 20, 2009

Chip and I both took the afternoon off of work yesterday for our plannned UFC Undisputed Throwdown 2009.  We made a careful list of matchups.  Focusing on getting the most out of our first day of the game.  We wanted even matchups, things we would love to see, nothing cliche, and for the most part fighters we eithier love or hate.  First impressions from the demo for both Chip and myself were “OMG this game could be the best thing ever!”.  Playing the full version we now see that for the most part we were correct.  The player models are amazing with very few exceptions (Coleman, Herring, Leben, Serra, other that guys that seem to “not matter”).  The gameplay for what a dynamic sport MMA is, is as close perfect as possible for a first try.  I do have a few gripes… but the 10 solid hours we spent playing yesterday were well spent.  Here are some high and low lights from our battles, I am sure we will be posting more.

We decided Coleman looks like either a 16 year old boy, or Frank Trigg.

Chip subing me as BJ Penn to prove a point…

BJ (Tony) getting KTFO by the far superior striking of GSP.

Chip putting the GnP on me.

Chip as Wandy putting the Kimura (and something else) on Tito.

Chip subing me yet again.  Small gripe: Cro Cops kicks are weak.  In fact, all characters that have physical advantages in real life have no real advantage in the game.  You have the basic speed/power in striking and the abilities in the submission game, but there is no REAL advantage with one fighter over another.  There should be a more tangible difference besides GSP and Siva are fast as hell and Hughes can slam the hell out of you.  And so help me Chip if you do the closed gaurd slam again I am going to drive to your house and set you car on fire.

Our BJJ only match obviously went to Chip who probably played the demo 60 hours compared to my 30.  I have also noticed that it is impossible to write about the submission tactics in the game without it sounding totally perverse.  For example: “Hopefully my submission handwill be recovered by later tonight so I can work him over.”  There are two basic tactics for both stopping and completing subs: mash the buttons or twist the right stick.  Twisting works better with skilled jitsu dudes.  Mashing works with strong wrestlers.  At least thats what it seems like to me.

Only one of two KO victories for Tony.  Lauzon over the little Diaz.

I was pulverizing Chip (Evans) with Rampage, then he pulled off a perfectly timed right hook.

We both played some online matches against other people and those went well.  We both won and lost a couple.  Not very much lag at all.  When there was lag no one seemed to gain too much of an advantage.

Another gripe: the menus take FOREVER to load.  This is especially suck when you have to exit out of a multiplayer match to change the weight class you are choosing fighters from.  Similar to the map problem in Gears.  When a multiplayer friend match is over you can hit start and choose “request rematch” which is a very helpful feature but nothing tells you that the option is there.  We stumpled upon it by accident.

Besides the multiplayer versus matches, the classic fight recreation mode is excellent.  Tons of HD video talking about the fights, trailers and highlights.  Very cool for fans of the sport and almost like a highlight history film for some of the best matchups ever.  You have to pull of the KO/specific sub or win going to judges decision by the winner of that classic fight.  A very cool idea and executed well.  Small gripe… MORE CONTENT PLEASE.  I think there are only 12 classic matches.  Seriously there should be about 30.  I hope they dont miss an opportunity for DLC here.  I also hope its free.  Based on what I have seen on XBL and, I would not bet on anything being free.

Last gripe:  Career mode.  Now I only played an hour or so of it, which includes about 20 mins to make my character but I am 99% sure I will never touch the mode again.  Manage sponsors and read emails and newsletters from Dana White?  I bought this game to fight.  Not to spar.  Not to allocate points.  Not to look at logos.  Not to buy new tattoos.  Not to sell tshirts.  This is coming from a guy who was fully obsessed with career mode in the frist three Fight Night games in college.  If you are going to include all that reading and annoying managment at least provide a “Skip to the fun part” button.  That or make a spinoff game called UFC Head Coach.

I had high hopes for the create a character because the player models so sharp and accurate.  Aftering going the the process and every option available it is clear that the intent is to let you make “a” character but to not allow to make “any” character.  It is clear to me there are various traits, especially hair and body shape that prevent you from making certain fighters from other promotions.  I am sure some people are going to come up with great versions but the game prevents you from getting them just right.  It is not meant to be an empty canvas and it does not need to be, but I think it should be said that there is a clear lack of choices that prevent you from creating some well known fighters that exist outside the UFC.

Conclusion… despite my 4/24 win-loss record against Chip, I love this game.  Like most in MMA, just I need to work more on my JuJitsu.  I did win a couple of great split decisions near the end of the evening which made me feel good.  Hopefully Chip was not just messing with me.  Yes, he is that good.  I will post more pics later.

The Economy

May 2, 2009

The royal suckfest that is Fye is having a kind of awesome deal if you can overcome the guilt you should feel and buy Undisputed from them.  Free UFC 93 DVD and Poster!  The game comes out May 19th.  I will be buying it from Neil at Gamestop.

Reached the motherload

March 23, 2009

Yes. So much Penn shit on the North Shore.


March 22, 2009

Must have gone on sale after he got his ass beat by GSP. Original $27.99…

UFC FN 17 VaselineGate 2?

February 8, 2009

I just heard Lauzon say “he feels slick” to his corner between the first and second about Jeremy Stephens. So if you have trained with BJ, is it just the new hotness to call greaser on the other guy? Oops. Lauzon by arm bar, despite the slick. Nevermind!