late, great, sort of, UFC 100

July 14, 2009 by
Well we podcasted, and then I totally forgot about it in my excitement for what was in hindsight a slightly better than mediocre event.  Chip won the fightpicks by one (Lesnar) although I think Steve should be the winner because that fight was not much of a contest.  This pic has been everywhere, for those of you who might have missed the post fight antics Lesnar was not impressed with Mir’s impression of Will Smith in Hitch.  Download the now defunct podcast here.  Hit the jump for the picks.  Enjoy.

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Fightcast Ep 4, hosting limit reached

June 18, 2009 by

Well, we have reached our limit like Tim Sylvia’s belts.  For only the second time in our short history we have posted so consistently that we have reached the limit of our cheap ass podcast hosting service.   So go check out episode 4, but please not more than once, we really have to limit your enjoyment.  TTY after July 1.  Hit the jump for our picks.

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Undisputed Credits Easter Egg

June 17, 2009 by

I noticed a funny thing looking at the credits of UFC Undisputed; not so secret interviews! I had to find something to do besides play Chip since I realized my record against him was 69-14-0. Yeah, I suck. There are interviews with Buffer, Goldman, Franklin and of course Joe Rogan who gets very “inside the actors studio” as you can see from the pic. Now, THQ, where is my dlc?!?!

Heads up for a new episode of the show, should be posted Wednesday.

Fightcast episode 3 on the books

June 11, 2009 by

Quite a week in MMA, quite a week for RBDMMA.  Sadly Steve is too cool for us this week but we made up for his lame ass with a sharp, concise-cast like never before.  Could be the shortest on record.  Maybe the best, probably not.  Hit Kimbo for the post or go direct download, hit the jump for our UFC 99 fight picks.

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Reply to Mike Stidham

June 10, 2009 by

Mike Stidham,

There is a reason you have not heard of us.  This is a hobby site which we do in our spare time, for fun.  Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog, I felt it deserved a full posting.  I am glad to see a joke that I wrote in 15 minutes on my phone can create such a response.  Now I know what Loretta Hunt must felt like when Dana White called her out.  You guys have singlehandedly quadrupled our highest monthly traffic total in one day!
In response to your comments, I would like to say first I can totally appreciate where you are coming from and I am glad to see your Google ego alerts are configured properly.  I would probably do the same thing if I were you.  A naughty 41 year old male with a sweet Myspace page.  I cant help but think its going to be a long hard road for you.  Especially if you take the time to personally respond to every blog that mentions you.  Especially our blog.  We are called the “Really Big Deal” but I can assure you, it is a subtle sarcastic jab.  It is clear from the tv show and website that subtlety is not your strong suit.

Please take everything on our site with a grain of salt.  This blog and the podcast were simply created to entertain ourselves.  Just things we enjoy, like you and your robo-hulks beating up refrigerators.  The fruits of our respective labors.

Marketing your show as “a throwback to the roots of no holds barred fighting” probably works great for a small subset of MMA fans.  The cross over WWE fans who refuse to drink Miller Light because its “too ethnic” and who refer to the ground game as “dudes humping”.   So when I read about about “no ground fighting” agreements and the “only get paid for KO” rules of past bouts it seems like a throwback of the worst kind.  These arrangements only heighten the stereotype of MMA as human cockfighting.

The stereotype is one that I often have to overcome when I explain to people my love for MMA.  If you would listen to or read our other posts you would probably find that we greatly enjoy the smaller shows (MFC, Shooto, Sportfight, WEC, MCC, ETC).  Like you mentioned, it is how the sport came into being.  But it is also the reason that the sport is considered illegitimate.  You probably understand better than us, it is a blessing and a curse.

No question that your show is compelling, for all the same reasons I enjoy seeing local events.  You get to see the up and comers and the inevitable washouts.  But just because some “named” fighters have fought in your organization doesn’t mean the televised fights were of interest to me.  I am by no means qualified to run an Mixed Martial Arts organization, but I would think priority number one would be to ensure the legitimacy of the sport and play down the spectacle aspects.

I would again like to stress that we appreciate your comments.  They have been a shot in the arm motivator to get us back into a respectable posting rhythm.

Yours Truly,

Up for discussion this week on the show:

The UCE has a rule stating “No elbow or forearm strikes allowed unless agreed upon by both fighters.”  I really dislike
elbows (and knees) to the head of a ground opponent and this is the first time I have ever seen an option like that in a North American fight organization.  Do they distract from the art of the sport and cause more harm than good or are they a necessary strike? Follow up, why no karate chops?

Mark Pavelich’s MFC, Dana White’s UFC, Tom Attencio and friend’s Affliction.  Whats in a name?

Our New Top 10 List: The Top 10 Acronyms Replacements for TUF 10

Mike Stidham, For Love of the Game

June 10, 2009 by

Mike Stidham of Mike Stidham’s Ultimate Combat Experience posted a comment in response to our last post.  This is a big moment for us and I would like to present it in its unedited form:


Thank you for your review of our show. I would like to do the same for yours, but I have never heard of you, nor your show. I’m sure the production is top-notch becaues you are being carried on…..wait, where are you carried?

Um sorry the sponsors were not of your liking, because everyone watches show for their sponsors. I guess having the former UFC heavyweight champ on the card was not impressive enough for you.

Just some FYI, this little barnyard show has had frank shamrock, jeremy horn, and the aforementioned Ricco Rodriguez’ fight in it. Additionally Josh Burkman, Damarques Johnson, brandon melendez, derek Downey, sean O’ Connell, (all have fought in the UFC) and travis Marx (featured on Tapout) have all gotten their start in our little show.

If you care to see where these guys come from, you may wish to tune in to Uce in Mav tv….you get a chance to see some superstars in the making.

Perhaps you are too big time to remember where the sport came from. This show features guys just getting their feet wet in mma, something that we still feel is compelling.

Good day!

Mike Stidham

MAV tv’s Ultimate Combat Experience

June 9, 2009 by

I mentioned on the fightcast that I lost HDNet sports for the very questionable MAV tv. I had no idea how questionable it was until I got home from work today. I stumbled upon a show called Ultimate Combat Experiece. “Sweet, some mma” I thought. My hope was quickly dashed. It showcased terrible commentators, terrible sponsors, terrible lighting and most importantly terrible fights. It seems MAV tv is less of a premium channel and more of a rednecks Youtube favorites.

The intro to the show was computer animated gears of war/android-terminator looking meatheads smashing refidgerators into tvs and heavy bags. Some really cool stuff if you lack both taste and the abilty to generate original ideas. This stuff should have stayed in the 12 year old mind from which it came.

The commentators appeared to have taken their queues from eithier Goldberg tape or the hours they spend a day watching early UFC. Not good early UFC, I am talking the uninspired “we have no idea what we are seeing or saying” UFC days. Gems like “this kid will fight anywhere anyhow anywho anyway everywher” blah blah blah blah. Kill me now.

With sponsors like Great Cuts, Skullcandy and what looked like a kitty litter brand I knew the fighters were going to be some impressive physical specimens. When I saw Ricco Rodriguez was in the main event, I was not dissapointed. The other fights on the card were a veritable who’s who of no one cares. A bunch of pudgy backwoods dudes with listed fighting styles such as “streetfighter”. Uhh I don’t think those tshirts are supposed to be taken as their literal careers guys…

The proof as they say is in the pudding of which Ricco has not been slacking in the consumption of, winner by arm fat:

Episode 2, more fightcast, we promise

June 8, 2009 by

Some cool stuff going in the mixed martial arts, so we podcasted… you will click the monster and you will like it.

More Undisputed pics

May 22, 2009 by

Mostly pics of Chip beatig me down. Coleman eating knee KO, full mount fun, and Houston Alexander looking like a mangled T-rex.

UFC Undisputed Release Day Throwdown

May 20, 2009 by

Chip and I both took the afternoon off of work yesterday for our plannned UFC Undisputed Throwdown 2009.  We made a careful list of matchups.  Focusing on getting the most out of our first day of the game.  We wanted even matchups, things we would love to see, nothing cliche, and for the most part fighters we eithier love or hate.  First impressions from the demo for both Chip and myself were “OMG this game could be the best thing ever!”.  Playing the full version we now see that for the most part we were correct.  The player models are amazing with very few exceptions (Coleman, Herring, Leben, Serra, other that guys that seem to “not matter”).  The gameplay for what a dynamic sport MMA is, is as close perfect as possible for a first try.  I do have a few gripes… but the 10 solid hours we spent playing yesterday were well spent.  Here are some high and low lights from our battles, I am sure we will be posting more.

We decided Coleman looks like either a 16 year old boy, or Frank Trigg.

Chip subing me as BJ Penn to prove a point…

BJ (Tony) getting KTFO by the far superior striking of GSP.

Chip putting the GnP on me.

Chip as Wandy putting the Kimura (and something else) on Tito.

Chip subing me yet again.  Small gripe: Cro Cops kicks are weak.  In fact, all characters that have physical advantages in real life have no real advantage in the game.  You have the basic speed/power in striking and the abilities in the submission game, but there is no REAL advantage with one fighter over another.  There should be a more tangible difference besides GSP and Siva are fast as hell and Hughes can slam the hell out of you.  And so help me Chip if you do the closed gaurd slam again I am going to drive to your house and set you car on fire.

Our BJJ only match obviously went to Chip who probably played the demo 60 hours compared to my 30.  I have also noticed that it is impossible to write about the submission tactics in the game without it sounding totally perverse.  For example: “Hopefully my submission handwill be recovered by later tonight so I can work him over.”  There are two basic tactics for both stopping and completing subs: mash the buttons or twist the right stick.  Twisting works better with skilled jitsu dudes.  Mashing works with strong wrestlers.  At least thats what it seems like to me.

Only one of two KO victories for Tony.  Lauzon over the little Diaz.

I was pulverizing Chip (Evans) with Rampage, then he pulled off a perfectly timed right hook.

We both played some online matches against other people and those went well.  We both won and lost a couple.  Not very much lag at all.  When there was lag no one seemed to gain too much of an advantage.

Another gripe: the menus take FOREVER to load.  This is especially suck when you have to exit out of a multiplayer match to change the weight class you are choosing fighters from.  Similar to the map problem in Gears.  When a multiplayer friend match is over you can hit start and choose “request rematch” which is a very helpful feature but nothing tells you that the option is there.  We stumpled upon it by accident.

Besides the multiplayer versus matches, the classic fight recreation mode is excellent.  Tons of HD video talking about the fights, trailers and highlights.  Very cool for fans of the sport and almost like a highlight history film for some of the best matchups ever.  You have to pull of the KO/specific sub or win going to judges decision by the winner of that classic fight.  A very cool idea and executed well.  Small gripe… MORE CONTENT PLEASE.  I think there are only 12 classic matches.  Seriously there should be about 30.  I hope they dont miss an opportunity for DLC here.  I also hope its free.  Based on what I have seen on XBL and, I would not bet on anything being free.

Last gripe:  Career mode.  Now I only played an hour or so of it, which includes about 20 mins to make my character but I am 99% sure I will never touch the mode again.  Manage sponsors and read emails and newsletters from Dana White?  I bought this game to fight.  Not to spar.  Not to allocate points.  Not to look at logos.  Not to buy new tattoos.  Not to sell tshirts.  This is coming from a guy who was fully obsessed with career mode in the frist three Fight Night games in college.  If you are going to include all that reading and annoying managment at least provide a “Skip to the fun part” button.  That or make a spinoff game called UFC Head Coach.

I had high hopes for the create a character because the player models so sharp and accurate.  Aftering going the the process and every option available it is clear that the intent is to let you make “a” character but to not allow to make “any” character.  It is clear to me there are various traits, especially hair and body shape that prevent you from making certain fighters from other promotions.  I am sure some people are going to come up with great versions but the game prevents you from getting them just right.  It is not meant to be an empty canvas and it does not need to be, but I think it should be said that there is a clear lack of choices that prevent you from creating some well known fighters that exist outside the UFC.

Conclusion… despite my 4/24 win-loss record against Chip, I love this game.  Like most in MMA, just I need to work more on my JuJitsu.  I did win a couple of great split decisions near the end of the evening which made me feel good.  Hopefully Chip was not just messing with me.  Yes, he is that good.  I will post more pics later.