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Top 10 Game Changers of UFC 105

November 13, 2009

#10 Matt Riddle will be funny but annoying and maybe make the main card.

#9 Aaron Riley suffers a pressure break of his jaw being hugged by Ross Pearson and still takes the fight.

#8 Roli Delegado awarded the “Least likely to return fight in the UFC next year” award.

#7 The crowd gets so drunk it starts chanting U S A, U S A during the Couture fight.

#6 The crowd cheers U S A, U S A just to spite Vera.

#5 Mike Swick takes his “Runner Up” trophy back to his dressing room to find out it is infected with swine flu.

#4 Dana White takes away Swicks runner up trophy and replaces it with a “Participant” ribbon.

#3 Denis Kang is submitted by a training partner before the fight and sleeps through the main card.

#2 Randy Couture wins the Joe Rogen’s “My Hero” award for the 63rd straight time.

#1 Michael “the Count” Bisping has to change his nickname to “The Spotted Dick” due to Dennis Kang induced bruising.


Top 10 Reasons We Dont Ever Post Anything

October 27, 2009

#10 Still in shock that Modern Warfare 2 is about to be released with real night vision goggles.

#9 Chip and Tony spent the weekend in Toronto and their arteries are filled with bacon.

#8 Too confused after watching Brock Lesnar’s UFC All Access.

#7 Too busy brushing our teeth after training with Machida.

#6 Trying to catch up on Dancing With The Stars.

#5 Passed out waiting for Fedor to fight real competition.

#4 Contracted swine flu from BJ Penn’s new cookbook “Dinin Wit Dat Wise Pig” translation: “Intelligent Living Through Pork DNA“.

#3 We decided to give up lucrative careers as MMA bloggers to follow our dream of being C list actors.

#2 Had to cycle off the steroids.

#1 Working three jobs to save enough dough for athletic commission judge pay offs.

One of these is not happening…

July 28, 2009

Well Chip called it, sort of indirectly, but he did say he “hoped” the fight would actually happen. We are really depressed and hope most of the skull adorned jobless folk end up in the UFC so we can see their talents go to good use.

Episode 5, we stand and deliver

January 30, 2009

Blowing away our previous record this puppy comes in at one hour fifty seven minutes.  The frozen Eastern North America could not keep us from putting together a face pounding episode.  Right-click the pic and save as for the mp3.

I know what you are saying “but Tony, we only have 2 days, 2 hours and 47 mins based on our store countdown clock before the greatest fight of our generation!”  Well #1 it might not be that good and #2 suck it up, its a good fightcast!  Here is little sneak preview of the “Top 10 things not likley to happen during PENN ST.PIERRE II this Saturday”:

#10 They engage in a thrilling debate over which is more irrelevant to normal Americans – Hawaii or Canada?

#6 GSP’s cardio goes out and BJ just lays on him the whole time.

#2 Penn cuts GSP with an elbow, maple syrup pours out (which all Canadiens are filled with) and he is subesequently eaten by fire ants.

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Franklin McNeil bothers me

January 30, 2009

Franklin McNeil has been upgraded to an “MMA Analyst” on ESPN’s MMA Live, which upgrades me to Supreme Master of Blogging.  McNeil, you know nothing about MMA.  It is painfully obvious when you speak.  Stick to boxing; I hear you know stuff about it.  Liddell getting KO’d by Jackson was the KO of the yeah huh?  Yawn.

Oh and BTW if MMA Live is really “powered by Burger King” thier 99% corn syrup and mercury food will kill everyone on the show before they reach the age of 39.  I feel bad for Kenny Florian, a fighter masquerading as an analyst who has to sit there and listen to two dopes masquerading as people with valid opinions on the sport he loves.  Ugh.

Listen to episode 3, laugh, take the poll, repeat

December 19, 2008

Behold our next episode, the poll of death ?!?! and our winter pickstravaganza…

-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

tony nog, steve nog, chip nog
-Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans
tony evans, steve forrest, chip forrest
-Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva
tony rampage, steve silva, chip rampage
-Yushin Okami vs. Dean Lister
tony okami, steve lister, chip okami
-Ryo Chonan vs. Brad Blackburn
tony chonan, steve chonan, chip chonan

K1 Fields Dynamite
-Eddie Alvarez vs. Shinya Aoki

tony aoki, steve alvarez, chip aoki
-Joachim Hansen vs. Gesias “JZ” Calvancante
tony hansen, steve hansen, chip hansen
-Sergei Kharitonov vs. Alistair Overeem
tony kharantinov, steve overeem, chip overeem
-Semmy Schilt vs. “Mighty” Mo Siliga
tony mo, steve schilt, chip schilt
-Mark Hunt vs. Jerome LeBanner
tony hunt, steve hunt, chip lebanner
-Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
tony saku, steve saku, chip saku

Hit the jump for the Top 10 and the Poll of Death (more…)

Fedor featured in Van Damme’s new film “JCVD”?

November 17, 2008

Furthering the fighter-turned-actor trend, sources close to RBD say Fedor may have a role in Van Damme’s new film, the bizarre Being-John-Malkovich-ish “JCVD”.  Any profession-turned-actor is always a crap shoot.  Throw in a washed up action star playing himself and I think you have a recipe for disaster.  Dont get me wrong, I am going to watch it but it has a Shogun-Colman II chance of being good.

Follow the link for more proof of the infamous and creepy Fedor-Van Damme connection.


Lordy, Lordy, We are back for season 5!

November 14, 2008

Our UFC 91 Picks
-Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar

tony randy, steve randy, chip lesnar
-Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks
tony hendricks, steve hendricks, chip gonzaga
-Joe Stevenson vs. Kenny Florian
tony kenflo, steve kenflo, chip kenflo
-Demian Maia vs. Nathan Quarry
tony maia, steve quarry, chip maia
-Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory
tony hazelett, steve hazelett, chip hazelett

We exhaust some timely topics on our latest fightcast (Subscribe!):
Couture v Lesnar and UFC 91
The corn-fed mutants effect on the sport
Steve being a comedy soundboard and possibly imaginary
Dana White video blogging his fat face
Phil Baroni’s inability to get out of a turtleneck
Pete Sell looking like Toad from Super Mario Bros
Lil’Bill O’Reilly politics & Obama’s C-C-C-Combobreaker!

All this and more as Steve and Tony let emotion get the better of themselves.  We assure you that fighting IS exciting and prove that we have a realistic business model by outlasting EliteXC and the IFL.  (Allfiction you are on watch.)  We also get political and speculate that our president is now awesome and UFC fans are possibly pissed about it.

Recap of the Correct Picks Standings
Chip – 20/29 – 68%
Steve – 18/29 – 62%
Tony – 17/29  – 58%

RBD & UFC 85 FAIL, Others Triumph

June 7, 2008

Go with your heart, go with your head, does not really matter… SPOILER ALERT UFC 85 Bedlam Results:


UFC 85 The Truth v. Vai Cavalo

June 7, 2008

A simple comparison. Vera is one driven Filipino warrior who got into fighting as an outlet for his anger. Werdum got into the sport because he got beaten up and had his girl friend stolen from him. Two interesting stories, two guys that have had a good amount of . Both have been called the next big thing. Dont get me wrong I am a Werdum fan, but he just does not have the excitement or energy levels that Vera has. Even Werdum’s win over Gonzaga seemed to me to be more Werdum blowing rather than Werdum out classing or outworking him. I think Werdum has the edge on the ground but we are sure not going to see much there in this fight. When it comes down to it we have been making too many logical, informed, educated picks here at RBD. So Vera by stunning stylish KO, round 1.


Thanks MMAWeekly for the pic.