Top 10 Shogun Consolidation Prizes Since He is Not Getting a Rematch


#10 A six figure contract and a glass TUF trophy from a future season.

#9 The same eye surgery Wandi got, performed by a ring girl of his choosing.

#8 A signed autograph from Rampages next big film “Heat 2”.

#7 A chance to pick an opponent for the lackluster 108 card.

#6 A thank you card from Anthony Johnson for distracting everybody from his weight cutting fiasco.

#5 An angry letter from Yoshida who is still confused about what happened Saturday night.

#4 He gets to be the first one to sign Machida’s leg casts.

# 3 A lifetime supply of Lyoto flavored Bony Acai.

#2 All the left over pride belts.

#1 A rematch with Mark Coleman.


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