Top 10 Reasons We Dont Ever Post Anything


#10 Still in shock that Modern Warfare 2 is about to be released with real night vision goggles.

#9 Chip and Tony spent the weekend in Toronto and their arteries are filled with bacon.

#8 Too confused after watching Brock Lesnar’s UFC All Access.

#7 Too busy brushing our teeth after training with Machida.

#6 Trying to catch up on Dancing With The Stars.

#5 Passed out waiting for Fedor to fight real competition.

#4 Contracted swine flu from BJ Penn’s new cookbook “Dinin Wit Dat Wise Pig” translation: “Intelligent Living Through Pork DNA“.

#3 We decided to give up lucrative careers as MMA bloggers to follow our dream of being C list actors.

#2 Had to cycle off the steroids.

#1 Working three jobs to save enough dough for athletic commission judge pay offs.


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