Mike Stidham, For Love of the Game


Mike Stidham of Mike Stidham’s Ultimate Combat Experience posted a comment in response to our last post.  This is a big moment for us and I would like to present it in its unedited form:


Thank you for your review of our show. I would like to do the same for yours, but I have never heard of you, nor your show. I’m sure the production is top-notch becaues you are being carried on…..wait, where are you carried?

Um sorry the sponsors were not of your liking, because everyone watches show for their sponsors. I guess having the former UFC heavyweight champ on the card was not impressive enough for you.

Just some FYI, this little barnyard show has had frank shamrock, jeremy horn, and the aforementioned Ricco Rodriguez’ fight in it. Additionally Josh Burkman, Damarques Johnson, brandon melendez, derek Downey, sean O’ Connell, (all have fought in the UFC) and travis Marx (featured on Tapout) have all gotten their start in our little show.

If you care to see where these guys come from, you may wish to tune in to Uce in Mav tv….you get a chance to see some superstars in the making.

Perhaps you are too big time to remember where the sport came from. This show features guys just getting their feet wet in mma, something that we still feel is compelling.

Good day!

Mike Stidham


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