MAV tv’s Ultimate Combat Experience


I mentioned on the fightcast that I lost HDNet sports for the very questionable MAV tv. I had no idea how questionable it was until I got home from work today. I stumbled upon a show called Ultimate Combat Experiece. “Sweet, some mma” I thought. My hope was quickly dashed. It showcased terrible commentators, terrible sponsors, terrible lighting and most importantly terrible fights. It seems MAV tv is less of a premium channel and more of a rednecks Youtube favorites.

The intro to the show was computer animated gears of war/android-terminator looking meatheads smashing refidgerators into tvs and heavy bags. Some really cool stuff if you lack both taste and the abilty to generate original ideas. This stuff should have stayed in the 12 year old mind from which it came.

The commentators appeared to have taken their queues from eithier Goldberg tape or the hours they spend a day watching early UFC. Not good early UFC, I am talking the uninspired “we have no idea what we are seeing or saying” UFC days. Gems like “this kid will fight anywhere anyhow anywho anyway everywher” blah blah blah blah. Kill me now.

With sponsors like Great Cuts, Skullcandy and what looked like a kitty litter brand I knew the fighters were going to be some impressive physical specimens. When I saw Ricco Rodriguez was in the main event, I was not dissapointed. The other fights on the card were a veritable who’s who of no one cares. A bunch of pudgy backwoods dudes with listed fighting styles such as “streetfighter”. Uhh I don’t think those tshirts are supposed to be taken as their literal careers guys…

The proof as they say is in the pudding of which Ricco has not been slacking in the consumption of, winner by arm fat:


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4 Responses to “MAV tv’s Ultimate Combat Experience”

  1. Mike Says:


    Thank you for your review of our show. I would like to do the same for yours, but I have never heard of you, nor your show. I’m sure the production is top-notch becaues you are being carried on…..wait, where are you carried?

    Um sorry the sponsors were not of your liking, because everyone watches show for their sponsors. I guess having the former UFC heavyweight champ on the card was not impressive enough for you.

    Just some FYI, this little barnyard show has had frank shamrock, jeremy horn, and the aforementioned Ricco Rodriguez’ fight in it. Additionally Josh Burkman, Damarques Johnson, brandon melendez, derek Downey, sean O’ Connell, (all have fought in the UFC) and travis Marx (featured on Tapout) have all gotten their start in our little show.

    If you care to see where these guys come from, you may wish to tune in to Uce in Mav tv….you get a chance to see some superstars in the making.

    Perhaps you are too big time to remember where the sport came from. This show features guys just getting their feet wet in mma, something that we still feel is compelling.

    Good day!

    Mike Stidham

  2. Tony Saiki Says:

    Nice Podcast hahaha wow your right what you lack in quantity you do have in POOR QUALITY. I’m sorry but you have a great comedy podcast “Not”
    For some one that cannot spell “refrigerator” properly you know your dealing with to dumb cats. Relax take another toke on your bong and go back bitching about how you lost HDnet Sports.

    Now go ahead and change your post spell refrigerator correctly so you can save face. It shouldn’t be to hard to do between your hard schedule of just 2 podcasts per year.

  3. Tony Says:

    Damn Tony S, you really got me with that Not-joke, and attacking my spelling, man, you cut me deep. 😉

    ps. I loved you in My Lucy Charm

  4. MIke Says:

    No worries! Believe me, we have pretty thick skin around here. We have been doing this for a long time.

    While our show lacks top-name fighters, and a million dollar budget, we have been putting on a live MMA event each and every week for 8 years now (More than any other organization on the planet). We were the first MMA TV show to be broadcast on network television anywhere in the world.

    We don’t have much of a budget. In fact, this little project has cost me just over 1.5 million dollars of my own money. This is coming from a guy that didn’t have 1.5 million dollars to begin with.

    After listening to your podcast, I can tell you understand budgetary woes, but can also tell you talk about MMA because you love the sport. Just keep in mind, we are not all backed by Las Vegas casinos, or Comic Book empires. Some of us just do what we can to help the sport grow. MAV TV was bold enough to give us some air time when nobody else would. We have been with them for years. They have been great to work with, and have been HUGE supporters of MMA.

    Best to you and yours!

    Mike Stidham

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