Josh Barnett loves Asians, hates Kenny Florian


megumi win via barnett

Strange news to come out of BJPENN.COM and at this point what news out of that site is not strange?  Josh Barnett by way of Tapout Radio had some kind words for Ken-Flo.  Apparently I am not the only one who hates MMA Live and is extremely jealous that I don’t have an Internet tv deal with ESPN…

“Kenny Florian is a punk-ass bitch. He thinks he can put on a suit, shave his stubble off, and get in front of a camera, and it makes him some sort of expert on MMA. I think it just makes him an expert on taking it up the ass, as far as I can tell… if he thinks his ability on the mat can match his mouth, and if he’d like to show me how to throw an armbar, then be my guest…. I can fly out to “sit on a dong,” grab him, and see what he’s got to say now.”

Glorious empty threats, how you make the day faster… I really like the sit on dong part.  He obviously planned this.


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One Response to “Josh Barnett loves Asians, hates Kenny Florian”

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    […] Greasegate thing by claiming Kenny had called Georges a cheater too, and now we have Josh Barnett calling him out over his co-hosting job on ESPN’s MMA Live: “Kenny Florian is a punk-ass bitch. He […]

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