Affliction Reckoning a Success… Hats still 75% off at bargain retailers


From all accounts, I think the event was a success.  Fedor got to fight and beat a real contender.  A great future match up set with Baby Back Fat Barnett.  We saw the return of a legend who despite looking emaciated at the weigh-ins pulled off a great KO (Vitor over some old Politician).  We saw a rejuvenated Buentello pick apart the chunkier Baby Fedor.  We even saw some excellent under card fights and a Nog brother avenge his first loss to a janitor.  Come to think of it, it was an excellent show.  All this talk about ticket sales, WHO CARES?  It was good viewing, even via Youtube at 2 am.  So go get your discount Affliction hats at TJMaxx.  Make sure you pay with cash so they don’t steal lose your credit card number.


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