K-1 WGP high drama gets me ready for new years show


Despite the terrible DQ final it was a great night of world class striking.  I watched the whole event twice just to study the fighters footwork.  Really impressive stuff.  As to be expected the match-ups and were purposeful, logical, and awesome.  Nice to see some promotions still know how to put together a GP.

Earlier in the night when Bonjasky took on Le Banner my new favorite commentator (no, not Kimbo) Michael “The Voice” Schiavello mentioned that Le Banner was “getting scored on more than my ex” and that he “had the nards”.  He had a lot of other gems throughout the evening and got fever pitch excited over simple stuff like ring entrances and stare downs.  I really, really like him despite having to rewind on several occasions to understand what he was jabbering about.  I hope he does the new years show with Kenny and Bas.

Other notes:

I figured out why there are no Americans in the K-1 WGP.

I sense a future for this guy in  KOTC.

Febricio Werdum does not know how to count.  (There will be one, maybe two shows in 2009)


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