Ireland seleted as final resting place for senior


We would never count out Mark Coleman, but things are looking bleak.  Randy couture just got beat, we are in a recession bordering on depression and “Four Christmases” might be the best holiday movie of the season.  Yikes.  Hopefully Coleman can catch some lucrative Japnese razor or banana tv ads after this fight, because I don’t see him continuing his illustrious mma career.  UFC 93 has a few interesting fights, but this one could have starteling repricussions depending on how it goes.

As for Shogun I am hoping for a return to form; smashing opponents with frenetic kicks, knees and hammer fists.  Not a single fighter from Pride has flourished in the UFC besides Anderson Silva and most don’t consider him a real “Pride guy”.  I can’t help but be excited for this car accident match up, so ugly that we will not be able to look away.  Shogun is looking good in training. But we can’t count out a guy who was around when you could finish an opponent by can opener.  If Coleman wins, it is a sure sign that 2009 will be the year of the upset x2.


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