Lordy, Lordy, We are back for season 5!


Our UFC 91 Picks
-Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar

tony randy, steve randy, chip lesnar
-Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks
tony hendricks, steve hendricks, chip gonzaga
-Joe Stevenson vs. Kenny Florian
tony kenflo, steve kenflo, chip kenflo
-Demian Maia vs. Nathan Quarry
tony maia, steve quarry, chip maia
-Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory
tony hazelett, steve hazelett, chip hazelett

We exhaust some timely topics on our latest fightcast (Subscribe!):
Couture v Lesnar and UFC 91
The corn-fed mutants effect on the sport
Steve being a comedy soundboard and possibly imaginary
Dana White video blogging his fat face
Phil Baroni’s inability to get out of a turtleneck
Pete Sell looking like Toad from Super Mario Bros
Lil’Bill O’Reilly politics & Obama’s C-C-C-Combobreaker!

All this and more as Steve and Tony let emotion get the better of themselves.  We assure you that fighting IS exciting and prove that we have a realistic business model by outlasting EliteXC and the IFL.  (Allfiction you are on watch.)  We also get political and speculate that our president is now awesome and UFC fans are possibly pissed about it.

Recap of the Correct Picks Standings
Chip – 20/29 – 68%
Steve – 18/29 – 62%
Tony – 17/29  – 58%


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