July 11-13th Your Only Freetime This Summer


It has been mentioned before, but I thought we might take a moment and say for the record that this is The Summer of MMA. The next month+ is so packed with fighting there is little question in my mind that this is the Golden Age of MMA.  Take a peek at MMA Weekly’s poorly titled “Rumors” page and tell us what event/fight you are most looking forward to and why.

I am most looking forward to Affliction Banned on July 19th. Fedor v. Sylvia is going to be a telling match up. As much as I love Fedor and his mystique I am ready for some questions to be answered and possibly some haters on both sides to be silenced. My runner up match up will be Mayhem Miller v. whoever in the Dream Tourney.

Steve is most looking forward to…

UFC 86 on July 5th. It is not as loaded as the Affliction card but there are some pretty intriguing match ups (Miller vs. Gurgel should be a BJJ clinic). But most of all, we finally get to see Rampage fight again! His fight versus Dan Henderson will go down as one of my all time favorites and I’ve been going absolutely crazy waiting this long to watch him fight again. And as was the case against Shogun, Forrest is being given a snowballs chance in hell to pull off the upset, which is exactly where he loves to be (who picked him to beat Shogun by the way? hmmm…).  Anyway, it should be an exciting summer!

Chip is most looking forward to…

“The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale” not only because the TUF series finales are known for consistently putting on a great free* shows.  Not only for the showcase of new talent all vying for coveted UFC contracts, I’m looking forward to the TUF 7 finale for one reason: THE EVAN TANNER COMEBACK!!!  That’s right, his comeback road is going right through “Glass Jaw” Grove.  This will be the fight to turn Evan around, give him some confidence, some much needed TV time and put him back on track for a title shot.  Tanner vs. Silva at UFC 100.  You heard it here first.


One Response to “July 11-13th Your Only Freetime This Summer”

  1. MMAwidow Says:

    UFC 87 – Thanks to Coleman’s knee injury, I might actually want to watch every match up on this card. St. Pierre fighting to keep his belt from Fitch should prove to be an entertaining headliner. Cheick Kongo has a good chance against Evensen if he can keep it off the mat. And I am by no means a texas crazy horse fan but I really can’t take Brock Lesnar seriously. WWE? NFL? UFC? WTF? FIND A NEW HOBBY.

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