Phil Baroni EliteXC Letdown on CBS


“I plan on separating his ass from consciousness.” Phil Baroni, a psychology major, needs to get ducks in a row. He has lost three straight now, his last win coming from way, way back in October 2006 in the now defunct Pride. Phil might be focusing too much on the importance of the fights (at least the last three) as they have been huge opportunities for a fighter with his record. He has admitted that a lack of conditioning has been a problem for him. He has also been focusing on his bodybuilding career to stay in shape in the off season for the last couple of years. He always comes into the fight looking good, but unfortunately that does not count for much in MMA. (Just look at Villasenor.)

Damnit Baroni

He looked good early as he has in his last 5 fights but ends up telegraphing his big right hand, going for weak take down attempts and getting caught by Villasenors punches and a tight guillotine against the fence. I have no idea if Phil trains only with Coleman and the crew at Hammer House, but if he wants to get back on track he really needs to get a spark from another camp and add some new dimensions to his game. We love you Phil, please get back to the NYBA who decimated Dave Menne with highlight reel shots at UFC 39.


Steve informs me that he has been training with different crews and he was simply bested. It certainly sounds like it just wasn’t his night and he should never have let Villasenor up.

Thanks to Sherdog for the pic and MMARated/Jarry Park.


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