EliteXC on CBS Results and DVR Liveblog


Thompson eating shots

  • The production quality was really impressive as expected. I was genuinely excited by most of the interviews and hype videos. Even with all the production and pop I feel like Kimbo’s attitude and star power really came though. Frank and Mauro Ranallo really did a nice job as well. There were jitters and slightly overzealous announcing, but nothing we dont see in the UFC and they have had a LONG time to get it right. “He’s rocked!!!” – Goldberg + Rogan. The walk in stage was not wuite up to Pride standards but it was good enough wit hthe flames and fireworks. All that and commercials for Street Fighter 4? Nicely done, target market found Capcom. MonstercLoset.net confirmed.
  • Busta Rhymes does a live ring walk performance for “The Grim”. Kinda hot. Big Black from Bob and Big is on hand selling his security business, BB t-shirts in full effect. Jon Murphy v. Brett Rogers is quick one, under a minute Murphy is dropped by a big right hand. Its obvious to me that the Grim is the next opponent for Kimbo… right? Shaw will probably look for a match up to make more $$$ but it would be good for the promotion, hardcores and careers of both fighters if they went toe-to-toe in the next event. Grim Rogers v. Kimbo Slice… confirmed?
  • Baroni, why do you do this to me? Letdown confirmed. Villasenor TKO winner round one.
  • Carano v. Young was just a great fight. The women prove that they have the fundamentals and the heart to belong on televised events. Gina proved the haters wrong, the weight was a complete non issue, if anything the 4 lbs and 12% of the purse was worth it. That was quite a shiner Young ended up with. She admitted to being sloppy but please, if I could punch half as well I would be a professional fighter. (I wish.) Katlin Young looked like the real deal but was somehow outclassed by the faster harder punching of Carano. Oh and the Gogo attempt? Holler at your rubber guard girl! I have not watched the undercard but FOTN confirmed?
  • Scott Smith v Robbie Lawler was a Muai Thai chess match. Smith played possum for so long I almost thought he was really hurt in the first and second. The fans booing really proved to me that American fans to the greater extent will never understand the preparation that goes into this sport. Lawler showed some awesome patience, beautiful combos and the lunging hooks that first created the comparisons between him and Mike Tyson. Lawler was double, triple, quadruple and septupling up on the right straights throughout the fight. Smith looked gassed quite a bit and then in scrambles would look like a fresh fighter, pushing off and throwing some great combos and hard rights that he is known for. That finger in the eye was probably the worst break ever for ANY promotion, anywhere, ever. Very depressing no contest. Shaw showed some class paying both fighters their bonuses, should be a great do-over.
  • I think we have a new “worst cauliflower-ear ever” as James Thompson manages to take the title with JUST his left ear! Round one starts and Kimbo shows knees, and some brute ass strength, a scramble, and some illegal elbows. I was waiting in anticipation the while time for Bas’ secret submission attempt he talked about on Inside MMA on HDNet. Thompson gets in a decent guillotine, showing his nasty jock strap but Kimbo gives the thumbs up and breaks out. Thompson gets in a crucifix position on Kimbo and IS SWEPT as he goes for the kimura. I am sure I saw a tap or two from Thompson as Kimbo dropped elbows. I am sure Thompson is having an out of body experience right now. Lost of up and down and I am guessing the neck crank Kimbo goes for is the “secret sub” that Bas spoke of on Inside MMA. The first round ends with Kimbo on top throwing.
  • Kimbo head hunts wayyyyy to much to start the 2nd. He landed a good shot but went for too much. Ranallo points out Thompsons nasty ear and tells Kimbo to aim for it. Gross. A weak guillotine attempt from Kimbo. Thompson shows some huge heart to math that ear, eating some huge shots and coming back with some slower, less powerful shots (but at least they were there). James ends up on top again, peppering punches and locking up Kimbo and then dropping better elbows that slow to a weak trickle. The ref is almost coaching Kimbo on the bottom to cover up and allows him to go to the third round. Kimbo looks beaten going to the corner. No one ever thought it would go this far.
  • Three starts, Kimbo pops the ear, Thompson looks like a dizzy mess and somehow the ref decides the loss of the “Alien lifeform” and Thompsons confused look is worth a TKO stoppage? That was not good, not good at all. The slow motion replay shows blood squirting and spraying from that massive ear. The mix of boos and cheers sum up completely my feelings on the show. So many highs, so many lows. The bad is far outweighing the good in the show… very unfortunate for MMA, CBS and EliteX
  • Sorry dude, its over


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