MMA Live Needs PTI Format


Bloody Elbow thew up the latest installment of MMA Live… and I am still not impressed. With segments like “The Weigh In”, “MMA 411”, “Tapout” and “MMA for Dummies” it just feels like they are trying too hard. I would like to see more of a PTI style format rather than the formal show in its current state. It would also have to be two/three guys who would actually be able to synthesis ideas and speak confidently.

The show kicks off. They talk for a couple minutes about Kimbo needing a match up with some top talent. Then Franklin McNeil comes up this gem of a fight plan for Thompson: “Go back to being Kimbo Slice from the Youtube”. What? I am having a really hard time with this show. Anik calls out McNeil for his “end of an era” comment about Silva in the last episode. McNeil has no defense and makes no effort to explain. Come on dude… looks the end of an era for McNeil (not that it ever started). I also don’t need McNeil trying to sell casual fans on the lighterweights and trying to hype Pulver v. Faber. I know I am hating on him a lot but if you put your opinion out there and its not good or clear, someone has to say something. I really like “Torres is probably a special type of fighter”. Wait, what? Probably special? He needs to stick to writing about boxing.

I am also really sorry but Kenny Florian is just not that good at speaking. He saves the show with his credentials and will get better as time goes on but has a hard time getting ideas out in a concise way. I don’t have a problem with what he says, its all great info, its just how he says it. A lot of uhmm’s and you know’s. You know?


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