Top 10 CBS / EliteXC Crossover Shows


In honor of MMA’s debut on network television, we thought we would bring you a heads up on some new CBS programming that attempts to capitalize on the new mainstream popularity of Mixed Martial Arts. So here is our: Top 10 CBS / EliteXC Crossover Shows.

Tank on 60 Minutes

10. Like most fight fans I’m sure you are frustrated by the lack of representation on daytime TV. Well worry no longer. CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” has got the new face of stay-at-home-mom lust with Antonio Silva. He will play a set of twins suffering from amnesia, and has lost the ability to talk or look relatively cognizant of social situations, it’s the role he was born to play.

9. The New York Badass himself, Phil Baroni will do a guest spot on the show “Numb3rs.” If it tests well CBS is prepared to do a spin-off show called “Numbas” which instead of solving crimes, Phil will just punch random people on the street and count.

8. After making her network premier as Crush on the new “American Gladiators,” Gina Carano will attempt to save the perpetually awful show “The New Adventures of Old Christine” by getting into some sexy cat fights with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

7. CBS’s supernatural show “The Ghost Whisperer” will have special guest star ghosts, such as the ghost of Murilo Ninja’s consistency, the ghost of David Loiseau’s heart, and the ghost of a chance James Thompson has of beating Kimbo.

6. Ricco Rodriguez will be a contestant on the new season of “Survivor.” He should be an easy pick to win it all, considering he can live on his own body fat for 9 months.

5. In an attempt to reach out to a new “urban” demographic, CBS will be revamping the show “Big Brother.” The new version will star none other then Kimbo Slice, Crazy Horse and Ives Edwards, and will be titled “Big Brothers.”

4. And for all of you CSI fans, there will be yet another show in the series, CSI Stockton. In this groundbreaking series Nick Diaz will be a lone investigator attempting to solve a string of decision robberies. (Ha! I bet you thought there would be a pot joke here.)

3. Now that Kalib Starns is out of his UFC contract he is free to follow his true passion, competing in “The Amazing Race.” Sources say that he’s going to attempt to backpedal the entire show.

2. In an interest to keep the older MMA audience entertained, 60 minutes will bring on another host. Everyone’s favorite bar room brawler, Tank Abbott, agreed to the gig because the show’s 7 o’clock time slot is the last one he’s able to stay awake/sober for.

1. And the number one CBS / EliteXC crossover is: Frank Shamrock on “The Price is Right” actually that’s not totally accurate, he won’t be appearing on “The Price is Right”, it’s just more of his fight philosophy now.


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