Really Original Guys… ESPN’s MMA Live


I am usually all about any new exposure for high quality MMA. But does anybody else think ESPN interns are going to start stealing our insight and feeding it to the personalityless talking heads on the channel so they can regurgitate it to us on cable tv? It kind of scares me. I have a question for Why did it take you guys so long to get on the band wagon? Did some Disney exec watching Spike tv with his son just realize they were missing out on millions of potential dollars? Or was it more of a six month cost benefit analysis kind of thing? You guys suck, Inside MMA 4 life!

The show is essentially a cleaned up, boiled down, sexy, slick, fast paced version of everything I read/heard/watched last week on a combination of 10 good MMA blogs read by Kenny Florian, a commentator dude and a guy that writes about boxing. Oh joy, my life has been simplified. I like all of the name mispronunciations too, maybe they could hire us as voice coaches for Anik.

If Bret Favre and George St. Pierre end up on the same half hour show it may be the sign of the approaching apocalypse. An “MMA For Dummies” bit… come on guys. Oh, wait, the Disney publishing empire must own the books. The corporate monster is swallowing us all up… I can feel it. Maybe we can finally see all those dream matchups after Dinsey buys every promotion on the earth? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. One more prediction though, in a decade we will be visiting Epcot center to ride “Anderson Silva’s VR Thai Clinch Adventure”. Better ride ideas? Comment!


2 Responses to “Really Original Guys… ESPN’s MMA Live”

  1. Jay Says:

    I actually thought it was alright, but I think it should be longer and discuss more important issues, stuff like more coverage 4 the MMA in Japan. But it simplifies everything important, it may be a great show 4 people who don’t regularly watch MMA, but should be more insightful 4 the diehard MMA fans.

  2. tony@rbd Says:


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