Iron Ring episode 10 v. TUF episode 7


Desperate fighters getting a chance at big money – check
Testosterone jacked dudes – check
Trash talk – check
Angry Coaches – check

Said it best:
“This is far better than boxing” -Dipset
“Go back taya cowna, I cant wait till yo fight wit rampage” -Patrick “Frosted Tips” Schultz (to Forrest)

Said it worst:
“He just want to wrestle, suck that titty!” “It look like boys gone wild” -Rashon Khan
“Looks more like triple x boys on boys.” -Big Country (not Nelson from the IFL) from Team Grand Hustle

I was glad to see two great fights on TUF. It was some good tv, but I am still feeling the “same $#%& different t-shirt” sentiment over at MMA Farts. Then just when Iron Ring hits a good stride… they blow it by focusing attention on Rashon and his ignorant fight comments. I was also bummed to see team Nelly talking a bunch of bullshit trying to impress Rashon at a team dinner. My fingers are crossed for next week on both mma-tv fronts.

Vadar called, he wants his burka back.


5 Responses to “Iron Ring episode 10 v. TUF episode 7”

  1. supercrap Says:

    Did you subconsciously pick “same $#%& different jerseys” up from my illustration?!

  2. Tony Says:

    Yes, I am sure I did. I think a commenter on Bloody Elbow may have said it too.

  3. supercrap Says:

    Ooh shit, maybe I got it from them without realising it…

  4. supercrap Says:

    How can you still watch that show? It feels like it’s edited by a hyperactive ADHD sufferer mainlining speed. I can never be sure quite what’s going on. I still don’t know who fights for which team.

    My fingers are also crossed, that Dana White flies in on a jetpack.

  5. Tony Says:

    Its bad, really bad, but there are glimmers of hope just like TUF. Its the same reason I watch all the other reality tv; 1. addiction and 2. the creation of the DVR. Also because we get most of our traffic from people trying to find out more information about the show… weird huh?

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