Kimbo Slice v. James Thompson a Critical Matchup


Elite XC’s CBS event on May 31st is a pivotal night for both of fighters. Some content on the MMA blogosphere sounds really stupid lately talking about Kimbo like he is some some magical bearded unicorn. Everybody starts somewhere. He is just a dude that likes to fight and has the opportunity to be successful. He is a marketing genius; making the best out of his God given talents using Youtube.

Ben Fowlkes from CP said in an interview with Areil Helwani that Elite XC is not grooming Kimbo to be a great fighter, they are just taking advantage of his “Internet celebrity” to make a quick buck. Arent all fighters Internet celebrities? They are grooming Kimbo by giving him the Thompson fight. Fighting tougher but not over matched opponents as your career progresses is the very definition of properly grooming a fighter. I think there is a future for James Thompson in EliteXC, this is his 2nd fight in the promotion and they are in need of heavyweights. Thompson has a decent record and has fought tough competition for a guy that started fighting in 2003. He has fought in a lot of different promotions and I have the feeling he will end up in Japan. This is a great opportunity for him, even if beaten to come out looking like a fighter who is both not a can and not a stand-and-pound goof-ball (providing he can get it to the ground and can work his clinch game).

The Colossus

Thompson had an amazing 2006 fight in Pride against Kazuyuki Fujita, he showed he had a patience not running in like a lunatic, sprawled well, threw great knees which we had never seen from him before, had Fujita reeling and lost only because Kazuyuki Fujita had a bigger heart and thicker skull. (The blood splatter at 9:08 is one of my favorite moments in pride, very cinematic). There seems to be too much emphasis on Thompson being a can. Granted, he was KO’d by Butterbean but he has shown progress in his career and hit a rough patch after the Fujita fight against non-scrub competition. Its funny to me how lop-sided the talk is. When you have a fights like Mike Bisping v. Elvis Sinosic, Ortiz v. Shamrock times two, Brock Lesnar v. Frank Mir, and people talking about them like they were anything BUT a joke. Now you have Kimbo v. Thompson in Elite XC and all you hear is about how bad the match up is, what a can Thompson is, and how money hungry the Elite XC brass are.

Most people are afraid of two things (1.) change and (2.) things they dont understand. Now I am the first to tell you that I am no MMA insider, but I think I at least have an idea about how promotions work and what it takes to run a sucessful business. Frankly a lot of what I read or hear latley about Elite XC sounds like crap and makes no logical sense. Some of this stuff makes me think I am going crazy. Then I remember that these are just regular people like me with thier own biased opionions and everyone has the right to be wrong (looking at you LZ Granderson).


Kimbo Slice v. Mike Tyson makes me want to vomit. Forget what I said about Elite XC brass.


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