RBD Still Writhing in Relative Obscurity (with others)


The numbers speak for themselves.  I randomly stumbled upon this fancy little tool looking at our “blog stats” if you can even call them that.  They are a joke really.  I have been thinking a lot lately about doing something I love for a living and trying to figure out the odds of success.  Even with the quickly growing popularity of the sport (insert metaphor) I think it is a tough road ahead for bloggers and site minders who want to make it big.

The super saturation of the MMA website is stunning with a few simple searches.  Shitty copy-paste sites like us Google hacking to get top billing is really ruining it for the sites who put up quality, original, thought provoking content.  To all those sites getting screwed, we salute you here at RBD!  Now please give us jobs…  Or at least some referrals so that we can get more comments about how bad our blog sucks.


One Response to “RBD Still Writhing in Relative Obscurity (with others)”

  1. supercrap Says:

    I approve this blog.

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