CagePotato/BetUS/Fightlinker Squaretable Rant


I thought my day was ruined at work listening to the UFC 83 Square Table with Fightlinker and CagePotato and I stream-of-consciousness-typed the following between spreadsheets and emails…

really? the ufc is trying to make real fans? giving them credit for instructing the unwashed masses fighlinker? wtf are you talking about ryan or the other canadien? seriously you just posted about the ufc being money hungry cocksuckers… get a fucking message and stick to it. that is annoying. elitexc is great for the sport because its lighting a fire under the asses of the other money hungry promotions who dont want thier piece of the pie eaten by someone else. kimbo is the real deal and its going to be funny when you pull a 360 and begin talking about him as a legitimate fighter. dont be stupid man.

ufc is the kleenex of mma. i agree there, but you clearly know nothing about brand recognition. its obvious to me that mma is going to feel the same pain boxing did. with all the different promotions all that is created is fan confusion. if the fighters you like fight on the elite xc cbs event, guess where you are going to go to find out more about them? ill give you a hint, its not the ufc website.

i just made our first post of some mma clothing/gear yesterday so this blathering about the affliction clothing bs is pissing me off too. the affliction thing is another simple marketing growing pain of the sport. the ufc will eventually cave in, and make it look like they did not cave in. unless dana is bigger moron than i thought. btw, there is nothing that makes allfiction any less legitimate than ANY of the other promotions, including the ufc. yeah, i just said that, i know your brain just melted. just because you have 85 events (or 49 podcasts) does not make your events any better (or content more interesting) than anyone else. DAMNIT.

Thoes are some big dreams for fightlinker to get snatched up by a clear-channel monster. I think you guys do great things and would deserve it! man this friggin betus podcast has me rilled up. i cant even type/spell/proper gammer i am so angry. WE MAKE FUN OF KEITH JARDINE! its our shtick! we have that shit copy righted! Check the archives bitches! Ok, that line about watching coleman is cracking me up and I cant hate you guys anymore… I am calming down.

Sell your soul for theoretical internet dollars indeed! Awesome podcast. Like, the Fedor/Cro-Cop of fucking podcasts. Seriously.

Anyway good luck on the bet boys, I still need to post my ideas, still stewing on that one…


One Response to “CagePotato/BetUS/Fightlinker Squaretable Rant”

  1. Andrew Says:

    You’re a fucking idiot. The grammar in this post prevents me from reading it in its entirety.

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