United We Triumph



Bas Rutten, Kimbo Slice, Razor Rob McCullough, Dennis Kang and Mayhem Miller all call Triumph United their gear supplier of choice… or at least are paid to do so. I love their designs and recently bought a couple of tees. I have never had a ANY company give me a call after making an order online (most of what I own I bought online). Within 20 seconds of clicking ‘complete order’ I received a phone call and the following conversation ensued.

“What up? Its duder at Triumph United, i just got your order. I am listening to Ronny James Deo and living the dream. Cant really go wrong with the Deo, ya know? We just got in the size you ordered and I am shipping them now, sound cool?”

“Uhh… yes… awesome?”

“Ok, later.”

Well, props to the crew of TU in Oceanside CA! The shirts are truly pimp, awesome customer service and I am awaiting new designs (and hopefully a redesigned website) before I order some more for me and the crew of RBDMMA. Thanks dudes!

TU + Gina


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