UFC 83 Diddies


Steve and I managed to catch the “big fights” at about 3 in the morning off the interwebs and then caught the full event the next day. Some of the things we found interesting:

  • How pathetic Travis Lutter is (again).
  • What a goofball Ken-Flo was commentating and interviewing with that hand on everyones shoulder move.
  • How slick Rich Franklin was getting out of that arm bar.
  • What a big heart Mark Bocek has.
  • Jonathan Goulet proved Ad’s do not belong in your hair, especially when they are a web address.
  • What a silly mess the Affliction/UFC “thing” is.
  • Never thought I would actually see Muai Thai knee skip drills used on someones face so generously (Thanks Bisping!).
  • What a janky douchebag Kalib Starnes is.
  • How knowledgeable, fair, respectful and excellent the Canadian fans are.
  • What a great sense of humor Serra, Franklin, and St. Pierre have.
  • Did I mention how pathetic Lutter is (again)?
  • How despite some horrid fights, the truly great fighters made the event a success.

We should have our prediction breakdown later in the week and a surprise podcast live from the University of Michigan Wednesday!


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