Frog Overload


If I read another thing about St. Pierre I am going to puke. To combat this feeling of extreme nauseousness I post this: The Fightmetric blog has a great post about Serra’s career and the information is hard to argue with.

With all the hubbub surrounding his win over Georges St. Pierre, it’s easy to forget that Serra was one cranky judge away from quite a different career reality. The judges’ scores for the Serra-Lytle fight were peculiar, to say the least. Two of the judges gave the win to Serra 30-27. The other judge gave a 30-27 victory to Lytle. There have been more than 700 fights in Nevada since MMA was regulated in 2001, more than 300 of which have gone to a decision. This is still the only decision in which two judges thought one fighter won every round and the other judge thought that same fighter lost every round.”

But I just put $1000 fake dollars on that Yank and he is going to win. Enough of the numbers, talk, posts and videos. He has what it takes, has already done it once and is going to do it again tomorrow. Period.



Ok, I suck at picks… at least there will be a great rematch at some point!


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