At last… Episode 9 – “Glass Chins”


Sorry for the delay… between school, work and house remodeling we have been slacking on our favorite hobby. We are trying to make up for it with this MASSIVE 97 minute podcast. Enjoy!

UFC 83 Fight Picks
Main Card Bouts:
-Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre

tony: FOTN serra, chip: staintp, steve: FOTN St. pierre
-Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter
tony: franklin, chip: lutter, steve: lutter
-Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes
tony: WFOTN draw, chip: FOTN starnes, steve: starnes
-Michael Bisping vs. Charles McCarthy
tony: bisping, chip: bisping, steve: bisping
-Mac Danzig vs. Mark Bocek
tony: danzig, chip: danzig, steve: macattack

Preliminary Bouts:
-Jason MacDonald vs. Joe Doerksen

tony: macdonald, chip: macd, steve: macd
-Sam Stout vs. Rich Clementi
tony: stout, chip: stout, steve: stout
-Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia
tony: maia, chip: maia, steve: herman

Top 10 Biggest MMA Monkey Wrenches
10. BJ Penn v. Matt Hughes I
9. The UFC and HD DVD
8. Fedor v. Herring
7. Liddell in Final Conflict 2003
6. Cro Cop in ufc
5. Travis Lutter himself
4. Cro Cop v. Randalmann I
3. Couture v. Sylvia
2. Forrest Griffen v. Shogun Rua
1. Serra v. St Pierre


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