Top 10 things we didnt know about Mirko Cro-Cop Filipovic


We will have an episode up this week after a surprise 2 week lag, in the meantime enjoy and read the rest of this interview:

Top 10 things you didnt know about Cro-Cop from MMA-ID.COM
10. The strongest person he ever fought (physically) was Ron Waterman
9. His favorite movie is Heat
8. He thinks the most beautiful famous person is Charlize Theron
7. He is afraid of dogs over 65lbs, snakes and boring people
6. His pets are three dogs and a rabbit
5. The distance he runs depends on who is chasing him
4. If he voted in the US he would vote for Obama
3. He is a gymnastics fan
2. He can bench 350 lbs
1. He does not follow any kind of nutrition regiment

Cro Kick


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