Master in the Art of Physical Combat?


So apparently the arbitrator of Iron Ring, Rashon Khan is a personal trainer/actor/stuntmant/bodyguard who works with Jamie Foxx. He has also worked with the likes of Ice Cube, Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Needless to say the guy has some chops dealing with stars and famous folks. However this weeks episode 5 proved that he should not be hosting a show about MMA. He mentions that he is unhappy with all the “romancing on the floor” and wants to see more stand up from the fighters. This from the master in the art of physical combat? I would think a master of physical combat would understand the strength of jujitsu and grappling. I guess not.


I understand that they want to give the host the appearance of knowing something about the topic on which the show is based, hence his title, but with quotes like that it makes it hard to take him seriously. Last weeks comments about not understanding why a fighter needs to warm up before the fight didn’t help his case either. It’s the equivalent of having Chuck Liddell host Inside the Actors Studio. If there is one thing I can say about Rashon, its that he gave Eddie Murphy’s bodyguard the gun that almost killed Michael Jackson’s Pet monkey Bubbles. Its worth the 3 minutes. Yeah WTF?

Why do I keep watching this show? Well there were a couple of decent story lines and good fights this week were reffed by a man wearing a couch cover. I was right in the fact that Ludacris seems to be making the best choices and really taking the competition seriously. While he does not appear to know much about MMA he at least chooses fights on more than just thuggish performance and seemed genuine when sending all but one fighter at the tryouts packing. That much I cannot say for Money May. It does seem that Rashon has got guns, hands that can crack coconuts, is a stickler for nutrition, has some self defense training and is a shitty djembe player. I am still not exactly sure what he is master of though… for now I am going to go with “Master of Celebreality”.


5 Responses to “Master in the Art of Physical Combat?”

  1. Cmad77 Says:

    I’ve spent 2 weeks now telling people not to watch this show;its horribly produced.Rashon Khan knows nothing…The rappers are clueless,and Mayweather needs to shut up before someone breaks his scrawny ass in two.

  2. Tony Says:


  3. JeVeL is Me777 Says:

    Yeah the ground game is very important but its boring as hell to watch a chess match on the ground.This is an art as well as a sport that is now becoming a huge form of entertainment and people want to see stand up action and really deal with grappling hopeing that the fighters stand back up and fight.

  4. JeVeL is Me777 Says:

    And even though this is not the best production I have ever seen The fights are good.This kind of exposure to a different class of people will just grow the sport and help fighters make more money point blank so they can make a good living doing what they love.

  5. JeVeL is Me777 Says:

    Adding on to my last statement,Think about it everything that the hip hop community puts its hands on turns to gold, hell Platinum. Like I said before Fighters need the exposure and they need the money or all they get is beat up. I train in muay thai and fight amiture wanting to one day go pro.I have bills and they have to get paid If fighting is how I want to pay these bills then there has to be a demand for me and this sport or any combat sport.

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