Yamma P-M-L-A-CL Shredding Surface Exposed


Thanks to Bloody Elbow for scoring these Yamma surface shots. There is not so much “pit” about it. Its more of a cage-bowl. Can you imagine a guy going for the shot on you and you sprawl right into that lip/ramp hyperxtending your calf and tearing all the ligaments in your knees and ankles? I cant wait!

Yamma Pit

I think I get the concept. I will give it a chance. It is clear that the biggest issue with the ring or the cage is the stoppages to reset or the floor and boring in the corners. I think Yamma should get some credit for trying to do something different… even if it does look a little dangerous for the fighters. I am more interested in the actual texture of the mat. This interview with Marvin “Beastman” Eastman on Jarry Park turned me on to some interesting differences between the “slick UFC type” mat vs the more textured canvas of a ring. I cant tell if Beastman is just belly-aching or if there really is a difference. Comments?


5 Responses to “Yamma P-M-L-A-CL Shredding Surface Exposed”

  1. supercrap Says:

    Where did that video come from?
    I never thought of that danger until you said that, but ouch, that would fucking hurt.
    This is one train wreck I’m not going to miss!

  2. TED Says:

    my first thought on the perimeter angle was body slams. if someone is picked
    up from guard position then brought down with his head hitting the angle first
    could be ugly. even landing sideways, getting an arm caught, the fighters aren’t used to this new angle and there will be some injuries.

  3. TED Says:

    After watching the ppv, I still see the potential for injury but what is most apparent to me is that most fights will end up on the ground because of the angle. Ricco was trying to avoid the ground game with wiuff but soon as they came to the perimeter down he went. There will be no standing up using the fence, no takedown prevention using the fence, just ground and pound. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… now if yamma would bring in some kempo , muay thai or kick boxing style athletes ( imagine how sweet a flying knee or kick coming off that angle would look) it could be interesting. But with the fighters they used in their debut no thanks.

  4. Tony Says:

    @TED Agreed. The incline became an instant takedown ramp, and almost gave better control over the opponent. The physics definitely worked in the complete opposite of what was planned.

  5. TED Says:

    Evangelista Santos vs Gegard Mousasi Wow What a fight

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