Iron Ring episode 4… Still sucking


I know I said I would not watch anymore, but I took the bullet anyway.  This episode followed the trend of suck that began a few weeks ago.  Well it might be good if you consider “good” to be poorly edited and completely lacking in intersting content.  Let me sum up the episode in a few points:

Shoney Carter
  • Money May does not like 5 star food, he prefers food from aluminum pans and will tip you $100+ to serve it to him.
  • Shoney Carter has fought over 200 fights, now refers to himself as the “bicentennial man” and is totally full of shit.
  • TI proves again his complete lack of mma knowledge with these 6 words: “you cant win off your back!”
  • Mayweather disagrees with Carter over a fight stoppage, Floyd actually sticks up for the ref and proves he knows a thing or two about good refereeing.

I will be sure to tune in next week to see Luda make his picks – surely he is the only guy left who has any idea about mma.


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