ChipsPicks: Fight Night Live 13 “Sausage Fest”


I am posting this on behalf of Chip as he is currently without Internet access. All comments are expressly his, but I mostly agree.


Under card:
Anthony Johnson Vs. Tom Speer

Johnson seems like more of a striker and I doubt he’s as big and powerful as “The Farmboy.” Speer TKO’s him in the second. Plus Anthony lost to Rich “No Love” Clementi I can’t pick him based on principle.

Roman Mitichyan Vs. George Sotiropoulos

I don’t know much about Roman but George is a stud standing and on the ground, as long as the Aussi keeps his hands up he shouldn’t have any trouble in this fight. Sotriopoulos submits him in the first.


Jeff Cox Vs. Manvel Gamburyan

COX HAS NEVER WON A PROFESSIONAL FIGHT!!! The anvil will destroy his face off. Manny by anything he wants in the first.


Josh Neer Vs. Din Thomas

Neer always seems to have problems with top competition,and as long as Din’s knee holds out I can’t give Neer the edge. Thomas takes it by submission in the second.


Ryan Roberts Vs. Marcus Aurelio

I’m going with the slight upset and picking Roberts. Aurelio has more experience but he’s lost 3 out of his last 4. I really don’t have much other that that to base my pick on but what the hell I haven’t picked many upsets this card. Roberts by decision.


Gray Maynard Vs. Frank Edgar

I like Gray, but Edgar is better at everything. Edgar by TKO in the second. Unless Maynard knocks himself out before then.


Samy Schiavo Vs. Clay Guida

Guida all the way, I don’t care who this guy is, his name isn’t Gomi and he wassn’t in the Dream GP so I don’t think he’s got much of a chance. Guida by choke in the second.


James Irvin Vs. Houston Alexander

This could be a “Felony Fights” main event, two guys winging punches without any regard for technical ability or defense. Alexander will make us all feel bad, by laughing at Irvin’s lifeless corpse hitting the ground over and over again on the “Mickey’s” instant replay. Houston by KO in the first.


Main Card:
Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Nathan Diaz

Kurt probably has the edge in power, but I think Diaz is a beast in the light weight division and is probably better in every other aspect of the game. Diaz will take some shots, look like he’s in trouble, Pellegrino will over-commit to something and Diaz will catch him in a triangle. The fight won’t go past the first round and Kurt will be on the receiving end of submission of the night.


Matt Hamill Vs. Tim Boetsch

Boetsch is a big strong guy, but his only loss comes from Vladimir Matyushenko, a stylistic twin of Matt Hamilll, (a great wrestler with good enough striking.) Hamill has much less experience, but I’m looking for him to come out pissed off from that BS decision loss to Bisping. Hamill takes this in a fairly boring fight that goes the distance.


Thiago Alves Vs. Karo Parisyan

Another great match up, Thiago a great young fighter with great submission skills and amazing knockout power, and Karo tried and tested veteran of some of the best fights I’ve ever seen. I’m taking Karo on this one, He’s only been beat by 3 guys Diego, Sherk and GSP, and none of those guys could finish him. Unfortunally for Karo’s record I don’t see him finishing Alves, making it his 14th!!! Fight in a row to go to decision. But this fight has all the potential to be a war. And it’s my pick for fight of the night.


Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Lauzon

The battle for the most retarded nickname: J-Lau vs. KenFlo. I think the looser should have to legally change their real name, but keep the horrible nickname as a reminder of how un-clever they are. Anyway… I think Kenny has a bit of an edge in every category, slightly better striking, slightly better JJ and more experience with higher level comp. Joe did knock Jens into space, but I think Kenny will be more prepared, plus he took some big shots from Sean and kept coming. It wouldn’t surprise me if Joe wins but I think 7 out of 10 times Kenny takes it. So I’ll take Kenny by decision, just so he shuts-up about finishing fights. I do think this is going to be one hellava fight.


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