Kaitlin Young, Girl Fights, bodog’s Octa-square?


Bloody Elbow/Five Ounces of Pain have news that Gina Carano will be taking on Katlin Young on CBS. I have never been excited about a female fight but this one has got my interest. I am not sure what my deal is with not liking female mma. I think it has a little to do with the whole WNBA/fundamentals over talent argument. That idea can be thrown out the window since these girls are ridiculous. I am also a little like Karo Parisiyan and I dont want to see women bash eachothers face in. I have some kind of built in aversion to seeing women hurt. Guess I am just a sexist bastard?

beat down

Check Bloody Elbow’s post for some bodog Vault youtube videos. Young’s KO power and sick technique are going to be a true test for Carano. Also notice in the bodog videos that their ring is dangerously close to our Octa-square. It just needs a cage on a couple of sides. Also notice the male crowd reaction after the second video fight against Meisha Tate. 9/10 dudes are saying “omg did you see that? that woman could kill me, i am genuinely scared right now”. I did’nt think 135 pounds could generate that kind of death kick. Third time is a charm I guess?


2 Responses to “Kaitlin Young, Girl Fights, bodog’s Octa-square?”

  1. BMR Says:

    Not really a sexist bastard. Just a guy with home-grown morals. Inherently, we want women to be the ‘civilized’ cohesion in our lives. In our neaderthalic roots however, we all love to see a good ‘cat-fight’. Especially when the cats are of the two-legged type. Here’s to a good CATFIGHT my friend!
    – B.M.F.

  2. Erin Says:

    I think it’s awesome to have a woman like Kaitlin Young in the ring. They say women are suppossed to be civilized. What’s wrong with a woman knowing how to kick ass. While the lazy man is out doing something else it is up to the women to protect her family. I think some men are just upset because the women put on better fights than the men. Kaitlin rocks!!!!

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