New York, New York?


Check this article out in the latest edition of The New York Times Magazine. In the article, writer Paul Wachter profiles a small time fighter named Shad Smith. Smith was born in Cincinnati, moved to Southern California, has been in and out of jail, and is an excellent scrabble player… oh yeah, and he’s probably the only mixed martial artist not afraid to admit that he’s gay. Wachter also spends a considerable amount of time talking about the evolution of the sport and compares some of the “bigger” organizations like the UFC to some of the smaller ones.

One of these smaller organizations being something called Felony Fights which apparently has close to no rules, and sounds so scary I was actually afraid to YouTube it. What I found to be most compelling about Wachter’s article is that it may be one of the first pieces written about this great sport we all love that speaks objectively about the “brutality” of mma and suggests that mma might actual be a whole hell of a lot safer then professional boxing; a fact that many hardcore mma fans understand, but so many mainstream media outlets fail to point out. Bottom line, it’s pretty fucking sweet that the New York Times wrote a quality article about MMA and we should all take a look.

Shad Smith


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