Awk Ward – Episode 7


A day late but there is nothing short about it. Episode 7 on the books and we crush the news with the fury of three James Thompsons (with a lot action and very little skill). Enjoy!


Puttin it on the Iceman

Top 10 Things Never Said to Keith Jardine
10.”I really love the depth of your eye sockets”
9. “thats a creative nickname”
8. “yes Keith, the Irish music before your fights does me think you are legitimately Irish”
7. “no your posture is fine i don’t think you have rickets”
6. “you look good in glasses”
5. “yeah all of it right in the center, and it really should be longer, never cut it!”
4. “hold me”
3. “you’ll beat Liddell, we believe in you!”
2. “don’t worry about this guy, you have way more power” (regarding Houston Alexander)
1. “sure, you can beat Wanderlei”


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