Iron Ring Premiere… Kinda OK


For those of you who might have missed Iron Ring on BET last night; set DVR’s to “maybe”. The first half hour episode was for the most part what I expected.  The coaches talked at length a bunch of mindless babel about their careers, their click, their hometown, their money, their life philosophy and their thirst to see “dudes get they ass whupped”.  Turns out Krazy Horse is involved, as the coach of TI’s Atlanta based team.  He did not get nearly enough camera time and they touted him as the man who trains for fights by playing basketball… uh, OK?

The show is very discombobulated and the editor seems to have little in the way of an attention span.  The camera crews are clearly visiting many different locations to film the interviews, tryouts and fights.  There are some terrible quality graphics, an annoying announcer and vague notion of what must happen for someone (the team, the fighter?) to win $100k.  We do know there are three weight classes: middle, welter and heavyweight.  Also it appeared that each team was recruiting fighters in their own way.  Some through training camp like tryouts others through garage brawls that appear to have been sanctioned-ish.  The ref seemed to know something about MMA.  [Insert Herb Dean joke here.]

The second half hour was a lot more coach interviews and a look inside one of the tryouts where two coaches were choosing fighters who would in later weeks fight for a place on their teams.  There was a lot of arguing over fighters, fighters describing why they should be chosen and some flashes of MMA talent throughout.  There was a Wes Sims sighting!  He appeared to have officially earned the right to compete for a spot on one of the teams.  By “compete for a spot” I mean get his ass kicked in an abandoned garage.  My fingers are crossed!  The one fight that was shown was two dudes trying for a spot on TI’s Team Grand Hustle.  The fight was quick, in a ring in a garage and had similar talent to something you might see on one of HDNet’s many televised promotions.  Some decent skills were displayed.

It appears that a few of the owners (Ludacris, Lil Jon, Floyd Mayweather) and many of the coaches (Shoney Carter, Charles Bennett, Roberto Traven, etc) do know a thing-er-two about MMA.  There is still a possibility for some great fights and of course plenty of hype generation.  What the hype will be generated for… I am still not sure.  African-American celebrities and MMA I guess?  I have to give BET props for increasing their programming options and giving us some original MMA content to consume.  So… props.  Just tighten up the format and put Krazy Horse in front of the camera more and I could get into it.


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