Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett makes Iron Ring


Forget all these rappers on Iron Ring. I am calling it right now. If they get Krazy Horse to actually show up to tape the show, it is going to be better than this season of TUF.rampage?

He is one of the most polarizing characters in MMA. I happen to be someone who loves the Horse, because of the Krazy. I can only hope that he ends up on a CBS televised EliteXC event. He is just the kind of entertainment the show needs. Forget the dancers, smoke and fireworks. Just put Charles in there, let him do his signature ignoring of the ref, sit on the cage wall when the fight starts, watch him knock some dude out and then see him bounce around the ring like a super-ball. Oh, and lets not forget the expletive filled completely inappropriate post fight interview.

Granted the guy has lost a few fights, but he is no slouch. Exciting slams, big KO’s and the ability to get inside opponents brains with his zany antics. With Charles its all about the intangibles. He has won 5 of his last 6 fights and has been a staple of KOTC for the last four years. When he is on his game I think he can compete with the top tier 155 lb fighters in any promotion. I wish the best of luck to him and hope to see him continue his wild ways tonight on BET @ 11pm.

told ya


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