No Mas – Episode 6


We have a packed show for ya this week filled with news, predictions and hilarity. Enjoy!


BET’s Iron Ring Predictions (How long will it last?)
chip – 2 fights or 3 months
tony – full season plus a finale
steve – no end in sight (multiple seasons)

Top 10 Potential Surfaces/Locations for Yamma Pit Fighting
10. A Coconuts Records store
9. A Half-Ring-Half-Cage Octa-Square

8. My basement
7. The back of a rental van on its way to the hospital
6. Michael Vick’s kennel
5. On Butterbean – This surface gets really tricky on nights when Butterbean is actually on the card
4. In the event Butterbean is unavailable, in a bowl of butter and beans
3. A retirement home
2. Various fighting venues from Jean-Claude Van dam movies – a half filled pool, a parking lot, a boiler room, a bar, an ice-rink, or the ring from Blood Sport
1. Bitterness (Bob Meyrowitz’s bitterness after giving up the UFC for a pittance before the sport took off)

Honorable Mentions:
The Hall of Mirrors
A McDonalds ball pit
The Agro-crag from Nickelodeon Guts
The Oval Office
The Hall of Presidents


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