Dare I Say “Mainstream”? 10AC’s New Kicks


If it wasn’t enough to hear that Rampage was going to be featured in an upcoming Nike spot called “Human Chain” now we find out Caol Uno is growing his fledgling Nike gear offerings. Thanks to SneakerNews.com, now I know what a “a very dope footscape woven chukka” is… sort of. At least I can say I have seen one.

Between Bud Light endorsements, highlights on ESPN, EliteXC on CBS and Nike ads, I am not sure how many more signs we need to see that MMA is quickly becoming the next NSACAR. I would rather it be the next baseball, but unfortunately the masses don’t yet have the hearts of die hard fans or the intellectual interest that our national pastime garners. Instead we have a bunch of front-running know-nothings interested only KO power and who up until a week ago could not tell you the difference between Dan Henderson and Tank Abbott. It is coming though.

Soon more than 1 in 10 UFC fans will know who Carlson Gracie is, and maybe even what he has done for the sport. The defunct Pride might be known as more than “that show on FSN with knees on the ground and horrifically mismatched fights.” Wait… scratch that, that is Pride. I will give it 60% circus freak shows to 40% thoughtful match ups. The point is that in a sport so young its a great privilege to be able to inform yourself on several years of fighting in an afternoon at work on the Interwebs. Don’t take that for granted people!


My mistake, are all of the above true in addition to fans being filthy rich and 87% has-been celebrities.  Thanks MMAFacts.com!  Someone remind me to register MMAInsertWordHere.com to ensure we are not left out of all that ad revenue.


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